National Nuclear Laboratory

UK and EU Position Paper on Nuclear Public Engagement

NNL’s Public Engagement team was commissioned by the NUGENIA Association to author a position paper on public engagement in the nuclear sector, to inform our understanding of current best practice in nuclear public engagement and propose a forward direction for further research and industry practice.

The paper briefly summarised the history of engagement between civil society and the UK nuclear sector, as well as the roles that various stakeholders have played. The early work carried out by NNL to develop its nuclear public engagement research capability was outlined, and other recent work carried out in the UK described. Finally, learning from European countries, rest of the world and other sectors such as energy and universities was presented.

The position paper presented a series of recommendations for the future direction of public engagement practices for the wider nuclear sector, as well as a vision for the formation of a Joint Political and Civil Society Advisory Group to relay community needs and inform R&D focus for the NUGENIA Association.

The position paper can be accessed using this link.

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