National Nuclear Laboratory


The Centre for Innovative Nuclear Decommissioning (CINDe) was established in 2017, led by the UK National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) working in collaboration with Sellafield Ltd (SL), the University of Manchester, Lancaster University, the University of Liverpool and the University of Cumbria and based at NNL Workington, Cumbria.

What is CINDe?

CINDe is a PhD hub with the researchers performing their projects while being primarily based in industry, and with reach back to academic expertise within the university sector.

What is the purpose of CINDe?

The purpose of CINDe is to provide additional underpinning and innovation to the Research and Development (R&D) needs for the Sellafield and wider nuclear industry decommissioning mission by:

  • Bringing together leading academics, NNL and SL to perform innovative R&D to support the national decommissioning mission
  • Enabling access to NNL facilities to university partners
  • Allowing more frequent interactions between the academic partners and industry to enable closer more effective relationships working relationships to be developed
  • Enhancing technical reputation through publication of high quality, peer reviewed scientific journal publications
  • Bringing new talent to the industry and building skills in the next generation nuclear R&D  skills pipeline in West Cumbria

CINDe currently has 13 PhD researchers in place at Workington, with ongoing recruitment for a further cohort to start in October 2019.  The team are a vibrant, mutually supporting community of researchers working on related PhD projects to support decommissioning operations in the nuclear industry, with a particular emphasis on the Sellafield challenges. Because of the diversity of the decommissioning challenges, the CINDe team is both multi-national and multidisciplinary bringing a rich variety of expertise and perspectives to address the decommissioning issues.

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