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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

To ensure fair access to our workplace providing a culture where everyone can thrive and feel they belong.

Mission Statement

At NNL we are working to ensure we have an inclusive workplace that attracts, retains, and develops diverse talent. Although it is difficult to unpick the structural inequalities still prevalent in our society, we know that as a purpose-led organisation, we are part of the society that we serve and therefore we must be part of the solution.

The scientific sector has a wealth of bright talent at all career stages which we want to attract to help us to continually evolve, establishing NNL as a diverse workplace.

Equality & Diversity

In order to achieve our aspirations of equality and diversity, we are working to continuously improve our attraction, recruitment, and promotion processes. We are committed to ensuring these are transparent and fair; that the policies and procedures we operate to are people centric; and that our leaders are empowered to make the right calls in line with our employee-developed Values and Behaviours. As leading scientists, we look to our data for insight. We ask our workforce to share their ED&I data (in an anonymised form) and where we have sufficient information, we are looking to see how fair we really are. We have included our work to date in our recent Gender Pay Gap Reports.


In order to achieve our aspiration of inclusivity, we believe that we must champion everyone regardless of their particular combination of the protected characteristics or their life circumstances. We know that the respect that underpins the principles of inclusion, such as encouraging a workplace that fosters allyship, challenges and reflects on prejudice are key. Treating people as individuals must be extended to everyone to ensure that we belong.

Our Journey

Like most organisations, NNL needs to improve the diversity of its workforce, to deliver our strategic plan inclusively. Nonetheless, we feel confident that our business is on the right path. In recognition for the work we have undertaken to date and our continued progress and commitment to ED&I, we were awarded the National Equality Standard (NES) accreditation in 2021 and then reaccredited in November 2023 having shown significant improvement. We have also been nominated for numerous awards. To let you find out more about our employee-led ED&I team’s approach to looking at all aspects of ED&I across our Laboratory, we’ve published our ED&I strategy and five-year delivery plan.

Our sector

We see the value and importance of working with the rest of our industry to support and drive improvement in ED&I. We are active members of the Nuclear Skills Strategy Group and other national bodies, to learn from other’s successes and share our own good practice to drive change.


We post about ED&I on our social media feeds on LinkedIn and Twitter with our hashtags #NNLTogetherWeCan, #uknnl and #EDI

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