Environmental and Energy Policy Statement

We believe that protecting the environment and minimising energy use is vitally important in our role as the trusted national laboratory. This means:

  • controlling the impacts arising from our activities as we sustain and grow the business
  • creating opportunities to improve the effectiveness of these controls
  • identifying opportunities for energy savings when maintaining and developing our facilities
  • reducing overall environmental impact and maximising energy efficiency

Our primary goal

To ensure that there is no unnecessary harm to the environment or excessive energy use as a result of our activities. By implementing controlled processes and effective risk management, we will manage our environmental impacts reliably and continually improve our energy performance, with trust and support from our living network.

How we’ll achieve this goal

  • Develop clear expectations and responsibilities for our people, which support environmental requirements and best-practice energy management
  • Operate robust, efficient processes, in a controlled management system, to:
    • protect the environment and prevent pollution
    • optimise our operations and nuclear facilities with respect to energy use, and reduce where possible
    • reduce carbon footprint in our office facilities and in relation to business travel
    • manage use of natural resources, minimise waste generation and dispose of wastes responsibly
    • design and procure energy efficient equipment and products
  • Make sure that our operations always comply with new and changing legal, regulatory and other compliance requirements
  • Develop partnerships with customers, suppliers, licence holders, regulators and other interested parties to ensure we comply with stakeholder environmental requirements and expectations
  • Apply our world-leading nuclear expertise to create value for our customers by developing innovative solutions to their environmental challenges
  • Retain certification to relevant international standards, such as ISO 14001 and ISO 50001, and continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the controls underpinning our activities

How We’ll Measure our Performance

  • Annual environmental and energy targets to monitor achievement of the above objectives
  • Audits and reviews, to monitor conformance with the environmental and energy management systems across the organisation
  • Task observations, to monitor the effectiveness of the environmental and energy management systems at the local level