About us

We are NNL. We offer world-leading expertise and deliver innovative solutions.

At a glance

We lead the world in nuclear innovation and are the only UK organisation able to provide technical support across the whole nuclear industry.
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What we do

We are pioneers, innovators and experts in our field. We work globally at the forefront of nuclear science, providing knowledge, technology and access to cutting-edge facilities to partners and customers.
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Our vision and values

Our clear vision puts us at the forefront of nuclear innovation. Our values are our compass to guide us towards our vision.
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Leadership Team

We are led by visionaries. Our leadership team brings a diverse range of skills and experience from across the business world.
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Our Heritage

Our current colleagues have 10,000 years of nuclear experience between them. NNL has existed in one form since the origins of the nuclear industry in the 1940s.
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Our policies help us to protect the environment, maintain high quality standards, work responsibly and secure sensitive information.
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