National Nuclear Laboratory


The nuclear industry has a responsibility to the public and future generations to ensure we have solutions for all aspects of nuclear energy. Evaluating how to decommission nuclear operations in a manner that manages the risks and hazards, yet drives value for money, requires innovative thinking.

Often one critical aspect of how NNL work is to bring together skills and technology from elsewhere – including non-nuclear sectors – and work out how to apply, test and develop its application in a nuclear environment. Our independent position means we are ‘technology agnostic’ and enables us to provide unbiased recommendations with a focus on the best long term outcomes for our customers.

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Our environmental services play a big part in the process of waste and decommissioning. We provide tailored and innovative services for the management of effluents and radioactive wastes and use our knowledge base and skills to evaluate long-term plans and solutions around land quality.

Our work in spent fuel technology plays an important part in supporting the UK’s nuclear clean-up and new nuclear build programme. That means our aim is to advance industry knowledge in this area, by stimulating debate and informing the decisions made by our customers. Our professional technical experts, extensive experience and unique, world-class active and non-active research facilities, combine to offer an outstanding all-round service for our customers in the UK and around the world.

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