National Nuclear Laboratory

Customer Solutions

We are problem solvers. We combine our extensive science and technology know-how with our passion for research and development to solve complex nuclear issues for our customers, the UK Government and regulators.

Nuclear Plant Operations

We provide our customers and the UK sector with insight into operational nuclear assets to enable effective decisions on optimal operation, lifetime extension, and transitions in operational state such as shut-down.
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Waste Management

Our unique combination of facilities, skills and accessible knowledge base mean we can advise on all waste management solutions, providing independent expertise and evaluation for our customers and the UK.
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We use our skills, facilities and methods to pioneer approaches in how to decommission nuclear operations in a manner that manages the risks and hazards, yet drives value for money.
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Strategic Research and Development

The research projects that we undertake and our support for other’s research, help inform the shape of new advanced nuclear markets and so contributes to low carbon energy growth.
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Case studies

We're proud of the work we do - whether it's as the UK's National Nuclear Laboratory or delivering solutions for customers or working in collaboration with others. Read about some of our work here.
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