National Nuclear Laboratory

NDA PhD Bursary – (E) Waste Packaging and Storage

(E.1)     Manufacture of containers that minimise or eliminate the need for metallic components as part of the design. Research would have to demonstrate benefits in terms of reduced mass, less gas generation from post-closure corrosion, reduced CO2 in construction, etc. but it would also have to demonstrate equivalent performance to GDF/LLWR approved containers in normal & accident conditions.

(E.2)     Containers designed to be used in GDF and/or LLWR surface vaults and/or near-surface disposal (NSD) silos. Currently containers tend to be specific to the destination meaning projects need to make early decisions on which one to use. Sometimes during retrieval, it becomes obvious the waste could go to a ‘lesser’ category route in a cheaper container or without the need for interim storage. But by then it’s too late because the plant is designed around a container that can only go to GDF. Designing a container that could go to any facility (& is transportable) would be highly desirable.

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