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Commercial Services


Here at NNL, our expert teams deliver a wide range of nuclear security, safeguards and non-proliferation (NSSNP). Our services include:

  • Compliance requirements / submissions / national and international support
  • Awareness, training and advice to national and international stakeholders
  • Establishment and management of security and safeguards oversight and risk, process mapping, assurance, performance measurement and testing
  • A big part of our service involves offering a focused and highly specialised service promoting security on a national and international level. We aim to reduce the global danger from theft, diversion or the misuse of nuclear material. Our expert team is highly respected by stakeholders, regulators and customers alike. Their knowledge spans a broad range of areas:
  • Stakeholder support in achieving and maintaining security and safeguards regulatory standards and business best practice
  • World-class NSSNP awareness, training and advice to national and international stakeholder organisation
  • Project management of the UK Support Programme (UKSP) to the IAEA on behalf of the UK Government
  • Nuclear material accountancy and control for new and existing facilities
  • Independent oversight, risk, assurance, performance monitoring and testing services
  • Research, development and innovation of new techniques to improve security, safeguards, benefitting industry, compliance and protection
  • Independent analysis / advice including Threat Review and Vulnerability Assessment
  • Influential in the resolution of national and international nuclear security, safeguards and non-proliferation issues, taking due account of the interests of our customers and other stakeholders
  • Subject Matter Expertise in the RN areas of national/international CBRN requirements
  • Managing and delivering Security Awareness across the UK nuclear industry to provide employees with an understanding of security principles and their personal security responsibilities
  • Designing and delivering bespoke nuclear e-learning and training solutions - including Nuclear Security, Human Reliability, IOSH Working Safely
  • Using best practice techniques (3D Vulnerability Modelling, satellite tracking, Geographical Information Systems (GIS)) within protected conditions to enhance nuclear security
  • Independent support and advice for optimal utilisation of GIS capability and national mapping in the nuclear sector
  • Manage ongoing operational security and safeguards compliance for NNL operated facilities in line with UK and International regulations

 Our Service

  • The team has an extensive track record in delivering solutions for a range of customers, including:
  • Direct advice and support on security, safeguards and non-proliferation activities, standards and performance enhancement
  • Annual programmes for dedicated training to IAEA Inspectors, IAEA Satellite Imagery and Open Source Information Analysts
  • Specialist management and support, advice and site familiarisation for HM and foreign Government Departments responsible for nuclear security, safeguards and non-proliferation activities
  • Industry performance metrics, monitoring and operating corporate oversight and assurance activities, including the collation of monthly and yearly performance returns
  • Collaborative working with the licenced sites and regulators for the maintenance of Site Security Plans, Material declarations and completion of annual threat reviews and assurance declarations
  • Development and integration of shared ecompliance systems for UK transport notifications, 'real time' movement tracking and elearning
  • Customisation and delivery of security awareness training for licenced nuclear operators and transporters
  • Provision of international safeguards and non-proliferation inspection expertise
  • Provision of a national Vulnerability Assessment Service for security threat mitigation
  • Security compliance for facilities and offices on non-nuclear licensed sites, such as contractor offices and universities