National Nuclear Laboratory


Sunday 25 May 2014

Site Investigations Handbook – available to download now

Nexia Solutions in partnership with the Geosciences Advisory Unit (GAU) at the University of Southampton has produced an electronic handbook of concise, up-to-date information detailing currently available methods for the characterisation of nuclear licensed sites. The handbook has been developed with funding from the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA). The tool, based upon PowerPoint, is in an easily searchable, high level summary form that enables the user to rapidly identify the costs, advantages and disadvantages of any investigative or analytical technique used for the identification and quantification of both chemotoxic and radioactive contaminants in soil and water. The tool provides a fundamental description of all the techniques identified, enabling users to decide if a proposed technique is likely to provide the information required in any given instance. Download the tool by clicking on this link. (Please note this is a zip file and is approximately 15mb) This version of the tool provides information for conventional contaminants with a partial treatment of radionuclides. A version including a full treatment of methods for the analysis of radionuclide, and data on individual radionuclides, will be available in June 2008. Instructions for Use

The tool consists of a number of separate but linked files. All of the downloaded files must be located in the same directory in order for the links to work. To start the tool, double click on file “NDA manual SI Guide”. The guide contains links to supporting PowerPoint presentations which when clicked will open a dialogue box prompting for a password, or for the document to opened ‘read only’. Please select ‘read only’ to open the supporting presentation. To exit the presentation press ‘Esc’ or right click and select ‘End slide show’. For further information regarding the Handbook, please email: