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Sunday 25 May 2014

Filling the Nuclear Skills Gap

24th June 2005

Nexia Solutions Ltd, the nuclear technology solutions business, officially opens the Technology Centre at Sellafield on Friday 24th June 2005. Managing Director Dr Peter Bleasdale will perform the ceremony assisted by two local school children – the winners of a science based competition held in neighbouring schools.

The Centre is a focal point for nuclear research and technology in the UK. It is the hub of the Nexia Solutions commitment to protect the UK’s national nuclear technology capability. The official opening marks another huge step forward in the development of Nexia Solutions as a customer focused provider of commercial nuclear technology services.

Nexia Solutions will operate this world-class resource on behalf of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA).

Managing Director Dr Peter Bleasdale said: “Here in Nexia Solutions, we use science and technology excellence as the cornerstone of our business. We are very proud of the Technology Centre and it will provide us with the perfect vehicle to realise and apply the full potential of technology.

“We will combine these unique facilities with the knowledge, skills and experience of our people. In doing so, Nexia Solutions has the means to deploy a compelling innovative force.

“We are determined to use all the resources at our disposal to deliver tailored technology with the right amount of innovation applied to add value for customers for the lowest possible cost and maintain the national nuclear research capability.”

Nexia Solutions Schools’ Science Competition

With technology at the very heart of its business, Nexia Solutions is delighted to welcome the prize-winners from its science based competition held among local schools, to the Technology Centre.

The two bright young innovators are Bliss McLuckie, aged 12, of Stainburn School and Science College in Workington and Sarah Woodburn, aged 11, of St Bridget’s County Primary in Egremont. In addition to playing a key role in the opening ceremony, both winners will see a professionally produced animation of their successful entry featured during the event.

As well as taking part in the opening, Bliss and Sarah will receive individual prizes (£50) and their schools will also receive cash awards (£1,000). Two runners up will also receive individual awards (£25) with their schools collecting £500 each. Being science based, the competition fits in perfectly with the Nexia Solutions Corporate Responsibility (CR) strategy ‘Making Science Real’, which will be launched among local schools in Cumbria in September and will focus on science-based education.


For further information, please contact:

Peter O’Brien, Nexia Solutions Communications 01925 832074 07801 856257 (mobile) E-mail: peter.o’

Notes to Editors:

Background information

Technology Centre Incorporating integrated state of the art facilities, the Technology Centre fully supports the activities of scientists, engineers and technologists. Includes:

High Active Cells Activities taking place in the cells include decontamination development on real plant materials and research into immobilisation techniques using retrieved high and medium active wastes.

Laboratories Forming the largest functional area in the Technology Centre, the laboratories are designed to be flexible and have the capability to be re-configured when necessary. Both active and non-active laboratories are included in the facility.

Rig Hall Capable of accommodating large process and experimental rigs, the Technology Centre active rig hall includes a high tower, reagent storage area, workshops and a series of rig bays.

Nexia Solutions Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of British Nuclear Fuels plc (BNFL).

The business specialises in providing customers with tailored solutions by applying the right level of technical innovation and intellectual support.

Nexia Solutions provides a core offering of technology services and solutions across the full nuclear fuel cycle primarily in the UK, but with an increasing overseas market.

Main UK customers for Nexia Solutions services include the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), British Nuclear Group, Westinghouse and British Energy plc.

Nexia Solutions is a business focused on delivering technology services in four main areas:

1. Operating Plants – Maintaining licence to operate and improving plant performance

2. Decommissioning and Clean up – Supporting cost reduction and programme acceleration

3. UK Nuclear Strategy – Assisting UK nuclear policy development and implementation

4. Laboratory Management – Managing multifaceted laboratory facilities on several sites

Nexia Solutions’ 1000-strong people resource comprises 60 technical capabilities in total, with 29 unique to the UK.

Nexia Solutions operates some of the most advanced and unique nuclear technology facilities in the world.

Local schools taking part in the Nexia Solutions science competition:

1. St Begh’s Junior (Whitehaven)

2. St Bridget’s County Primary (Egremont)

3. Victoria Junior (Workington)

4. St Benedict’s County High (Whitehaven)

5. Stainburn School and Science College (Workington)

Competition winners:

Bliss McLuckie – Stainburn

Sarah Woodburn – St Bridget’s


Keira Armstrong – Victoria Junior

Ryan Gibson – St Benedict’s County High