National Nuclear Laboratory

Our 10 Golden Rules

Our Golden Rules are used by NNL employees during any procurement exercise. They help ensure our process is fair, open and efficient. We share them on our website in order to be as transparent as possible.

  1. You are responsible for keeping confidential safe and secure. This is essential for the commercial interests of NNL and our suppliers.
  2. Sharing of confidential information must only be undertaken with the permission of the procurement lead who will be assigned at the beginning of a project. They will act as the point of contact for any suppliers during the procurement process.
  3. Never share information on any aspect of a tender evaluation or disclose the outcome of an evaluation with a bidder. Our position as a Contracting Authority means there is a legal process which we must follow. Any communication with bidders or potential bidders must be channelled through your procurement lead.
  4. Do not discuss and/or read documents related to tender exercises in public places.
  5. Attendance to all industry events should be formally registered.
  6. Do not accept gifts and/or hospitality during a procurement exercise. Any offer (even when refused) should be logged via the HR database.
  7. Do not use or allow others to NNL’s brand in any endorsements, case studies or publicity without seeking guidance from the Marketing and Communications team.
  8. All enquiries from bidders or potential bidders should be directed to the Procurement team. Never meet with suppliers without having a member of the Procurement team present.
  9. If you are related, or have a close relationship with an employee/owners or a supplier/potential supplier (including ex-employees of NNL), you must declare this at the outset of any procurement.
  10. Any concerns about breaches of confidentiality and/or actual, potential or perceived conflicts of interest must be reported to the Procurement team immediately.