National Nuclear Laboratory

Rodosthenis Charalampous

  • The University of Manchester – School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Academic Supervisors: Peter R Green, Barry Lennox
  • Industrial Supervisor: Neil Cockbain
  • Project timeline: Oct 2018 to Mar 2022
  • Research areas of interest: Underwater communications, localisation, acoustic communications
  • Academic Qualifications: Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering – The University of Manchester
  • University profile, LinkedIn page

Communication and localisation using underwater acoustics

My research is concerned with underwater acoustic communication and localisation within confined, unstructured environments. It is widely acknowledged that communication through underwater acoustic channels, also known as hydroacoustic channels, is particularly challenging, and operation within a confined, unstructured environment only adds to the level of challenge. Through my research, an underwater acoustic communication and localisation system capable of operating in Olympic –sized swimming pool spaces will be designed, prototyped and experimentally evaluated. Whilst the focus of the research is on acoustic communication, the research will also investigate the integration of Radio Frequency (RF) or Optical communications to support and augment the acoustic system. The prototype system will be capable of being retrofitted to existing Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and incorporated into future Underwater Autonomous Vehicle designs.