Post Doctorate

Lead researcher to science and engineering leader

Are you ready to put your finely-honed research skills to work in a commercial environment with a clear career path?

NNL’s Postdoctoral development scheme creates our next generation of science and engineering experts and leaders.

We’re looking for people with a PhD or Postdoc experience in a science, technology, engineering or mathematics subject. But it’s not just about your qualifications. Our future leaders have drive, ambition and want to work in an exciting and dynamic industry.

NNL’s international reputation is hard- won. On our team are some of the leading authorities on nuclear operations, waste management and decommissioning and fuel, reactor and reprocessing technology and our experimental work is converted into real-world benefits for companies such as Sellafield Ltd, Edf and NDA.

We don’t just need people great at the theory; we need people great at the application too. Our standards – and our aspirations – are high. Our teams deliver revolutionary innovation and scientific breakthroughs that can shape the future.

What you’ll get

From day one you’ll work in a technical team involved in delivering real customer projects.

Our two-year programme is designed to support a technical career and includes a range of development activities to help you learn about the nuclear industry and NNL. Our technical leaders are as good with people are they are with the science, so we also include personal development in the programme.

The scheme covers:

  • An introduction to the nuclear industry and NNL to give you an insight into our world
  • Technical training tailored to people with research experience
  • Development of commercial awareness
  • Support for personal and behavioural development
  • Mentoring for achieving chartered status in your chosen professional body, but also for career and pastoral support
  • A choice of development activities tailored to you and your career aspirations
  • Project leadership experience
  • A clear pathway of technical development

What you’ll need

We’re looking for people with a PhD in a relevant technical discipline. Early career Postdoctoral experience is welcome, but not necessary. We also happily accept pre-graduation applications so if your thesis is in preparation, or has been submitted and you are waiting for your visa you are also welcome to apply.

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Download our Post Doctoral Research flyer here.