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Graduates FAQs

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What is the start date for the scheme and how long does the scheme last?

Our graduate scheme commences each September and is 2 years in length. The window for applications opens in September (the previous year) and closes at the end of November (scientific/engineering roles) or end of December (Project/business management roles).

How are the Graduate roles identified?

On an annual basis NNL will conduct its future workforce planning activity which will determine the future skills needed by the business. Out of this exercise we will identify roles to be filled by graduates. These roles will then be advertised and recruited against.

What happens at the end of the 2 Years?

Individuals will be given a Permanent contract from the start and hence at the end of the 2 years there will a seamless transition off the scheme and into a full-time role.

How much time will I get for development?

The split between “on the job” commercial work and “off the job” development and training is 80% to 20%. The 20% “off the job” will made up from personal and technical training, graduate projects, supporting our Education Outreach, mentoring, work towards professional accreditation.

What development training will I receive?

In addition to Technical training you will receive personal development training throughout the scheme. You will also receive introductory training in Project Management and Commercial management to prepare you for your career in industry.

How many Graduates are NNL looking to recruit each year?

This will vary year on year dependent on the annual NNL Workforce assessment. In 2021 we recruited 19 graduates and this year we will be appointing even more graduates to roles across the business.

Where will I be located? Will I be working alongside all the other graduates?

Graduates will be located at the majority of our sites. Also, NNL promote a close graduate community and you will carry out graduate projects with other graduates from your cohort.

Is there a specified professional institute that I will become a member of?

You will work towards professional recognition with the most appropriate professional body. Advice and mentoring will be provided.

Will job placements and secondments be part of the scheme?

This will be determined on a case by case basis. Graduates are recruited to a specific role, but your line manager may determine whether it is of benefit to an individual to undertake a different placement or secondment as per any other NNL employee.

Can I get involved in other NNL work whilst on the graduate scheme.

We encourage graduates to get involved in a wide range of activities at NNL. This would be agreed with your manager that you can spend some of your time contributing to other activities and balanced against the requirements of your job role.