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Are you naturally curious, with the drive and determination to play your part in realising the potential of nuclear science to benefit society?

Our 2022 recruitment campaign is almost complete. We will be opening up again for Applications for our 2023 intake in September. If you want to be updated when we open next year’s intake then please register your interest.

To complete our 2022 intake, we have identified an additional Software Engineering role that is open for applications until 18 April 2022.

Why work at NNL?

Not only will you receive the opportunity to work on challenging and exciting projects, but you’ll continually learn from skilled and knowledgeable industry experts who are leaders in their field. We will help you become everything you can be, by challenging, stretching and pushing you to your limits while supporting you every step of the way.

Our graduates are employed on a permanent contract, with the graduate development programme lasting for two years. During this time you will undertake a planned programme of activities to develop in line with our Early Careers Competencies:

  • Understanding NNL and the nuclear sector and nuclear professionalism
  • Application of professional knowledge and skill
  • Personal development understanding your own personal brand
  • Collaboration and team working
  • Understanding our customer and making effective decisions

And be a key part of our Early Careers and NNL community

At the end of the scheme you will seamlessly transition into your permanent role, with a combination of support from our experienced Early Careers team and an end of programme development centre.

Key benefits

You will start in early September 2022 on a salary over £30,000.

The company also includes a great package of additional employment benefits including:

  • Pension
  • Company Bonus scheme
  • Support toward professional institute membership
  • Cycle to work scheme

£30k+ starting salary

Meet our graduates

Brandon Ainscough


I got into software development by starting with a general interest in technology and then trying out various things within IT and Computing.

My role as a software engineer means that I develop software for people to make their jobs easier.

After University, working in the nuclear industry had never occurred to me – and now the best part about my job is getting to do the role I enjoy, but whilst learning a whole new industry that is completely unrelated to my field of study.



“The NNL Graduate Scheme allowed me many more opportunities than I could have imagined, and I am regularly encouraged to step outside of my comfort zone.

I am confidently progressing within my technical role as a Radiological & Chemotoxic Safety Assessor, due to the consistent mentorship and training that I’m provided.

I am also involved with the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion group at NNL demonstrating NNL’s commitment to ensuring all employees feel valued.”


“The Scheme enabled me to complete unique technical work such as designing components to monitor nuclear waste canisters and modelling fuel for new reactors.

It also provided me with opportunities to develop my business skills, assessing the possibility for the nuclear industry to recycle electric vehicles, and management of a workstream in the knowledge management programme.

More generally the cohort of graduates I joined with have been incredibly supportive – we meet up regularly despite being spread across the UK.”

Olivia Boardman


“I joined NNL in 2021 as a Graduate Operational Research Analyst. I chose NNL because the nuclear sector is such a rapidly growing industry that is becoming increasingly more significant in working towards clean energy solutions.

The best bit about working with NNL has been the opportunity to start working on actual projects from the start of my career, so that whilst the training is ongoing alongside this, I feel like I am already contributing in a positive way.”

Mohammed Patel


“The NNL Graduate Scheme allowed me to significantly develop my technical skills as a Radiological & Chemotoxic Safety Assessor, whilst providing numerous opportunities to advance my behavioural and professional skills.

What stood out was the immense support provided by Early Careers and my technical team, despite working from home, ensuring that I have the best learning, development, and experience.”