Graduate Recruitment

NNL is committed to fostering a strong, robust and expert nuclear workforce for the future.

We currently have around 60 graduates, apprentices and post doctorate colleagues in training. Not only is NNL investing in their futures, we are helping to secure future skills and capability of nuclear. With such important investment and responsibility, it is vital that we are sure that the recruitment, training and development we offer is right for them, our business and our industry.

For these reasons, we have decided to take some time now to pause and reflect on our graduate recruitment programme at NNL.

The pause for 2020 will enable us to review the current programme, benchmark against best practice and design a new graduate recruitment programme, that fully meets the needs of NNL, the nuclear sector and our graduates. 

While we will not be embarking on a graduate programme for 2020, we will be continuing with the NNL apprenticeship and postgraduate programmes, which will be promoted on the NNL website over the coming months. 

In addition, there may well be opportunities for graduates to join the NNL as a direct entrant. Any such opportunities will be advertised and promoted via the NNL website, as and when a vacancy arises.