National Nuclear Laboratory


Wednesday 6 December 2023

Announcing a new route to hear about our work, the NuClear Science: Webcast

We are proud to introduce a new digital channel that will showcase the work of our scientists and discuss it in a wider context. The NuClear Science: Webcast will bring in experts from NNL and beyond to talk about scientific advances and the benefits they will have to society.

The first NuClear Science: Webcast will provide a holistic view of energy and will take place early in the new year. It will set the case for moving from isolated systems where electricity, fuel for transport, and industrial processes are dealt with separately to an integrated system where solar, wind, nuclear, and carbon capture and storage work together to get energy to the right place at the right time.

At the United Nations climate summit, COP28, we’ve already seen a commitment by 22 nations to triple global nuclear capacity by 2050. Nuclear energy has a vital role to play in energy systems to generate electricity and supply high temperature heat for other industrial processes. During the webcast a selection of a selection of expert and interested speakers will provide different perspectives on the challenges faced by the energy industry and potential solutions. Members of the audience will be encouraged to ask questions and actively engage in the conversation.

Future webcasts will include a similar forward look with topics covering innovation, sustainability, and advanced nuclear fuels. The NuClear Science: Webcast will be complemented by the NuClear Science: Case Studies series, which replace and build on the S&T case studies.

Dr. Paul Nevitt, VP Science and Technology at NNL, said: “Sharing our science is an important part of what we do. The NuClear Science Webcasts will provide an interactive forum for people to find out more about the work that forms part of our Science and Technology Agenda. I’m excited to be a part of this and looking forward to finding out what the audience of the Webcasts will ask.”

Dr. Gareth Headdock, Chief Science and Technology Officer at NNL, said: “Nuclear science has a key role to play in society, from helping solve the energy crisis to providing isotopes for medical procedures and power for space exploration. I’m proud of the work that our scientists and engineers do to and look forward to such a unique opportunity for their work to be recognised in the NuClear Science Webcasts.”

Further details, including a full list of speakers, will be announced soon.