National Nuclear Laboratory


Wednesday 1 November 2023

NNL appoint new Chief Science & Technology Officer 

National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) is pleased to announce Dr Gareth Headdock as its new Chief Science & Technology Officer (CSTO) with effect from 1 November 2023.

Taking over from Dr Fiona Rayment OBE, who has held the post since 2020, Gareth will join NNL’s Executive Leadership Team and take responsibility for shaping and leading delivery of the Science and Technology (S&T) strategy.

After playing a central role in driving forward a new generation of nuclear reactors and fuel cycle technology, Gareth steps into his new responsibilities having positioned NNL at the heart of the advanced nuclear technology agenda – he has also held the role of S&T Director previously.

Fiona Rayment will take up a new role as Special Advisor to the Chief Executive Officer, Dr Paul Howarth, ensuring NNL benefits from her experience and expertise, whilst meeting her personal aspiration to have more time to influence the fast-developing nuclear landscape, both nationally and internationally. 

S&T is – and always has been – the beating heart of NNL, developing capabilities to serve customers, partners, and the country. Maintaining the UK’s position as a leading nuclear nation is fundamental to its work and overarching purpose as a national laboratory.

Dr Gareth Headdock, Chief Science and Technology Officer at NNL, said: “I’m very passionate about nuclear science contributing to the UK’s drive towards energy security and net zero ambitions. Taking up the CSTO role is a fantastic opportunity to expand NNL’s capabilities across the full portfolio of nuclear technologies, ensuring new nuclear progresses at pace.

“NNL has a huge role to play in that, offering expert advice to government, supporting industry, and enabling an ambitious academic programme. As CSTO, I want to make sure we are equipped with the innovation, skills, and technology to support the UK’s energy transition – that means expanding our world class facilities, attracting the brightest and the best people and using our expertise wisely to inform and educate.”