National Nuclear Laboratory


Monday 16 January 2023

Integrated Energy Systems Summit 23: Accelerating the global transition to net zero

Following last year’s successful virtual summit, the UK’s National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) will host national laboratories from around the world in London during the ‘Integrated Energy Systems Summit 2023’ from 17-19 January, as part of a collaboration to advance the deployment of integrated energy systems.

The group is focused on looking at how nuclear, renewables, energy storage and more can be effectively integrated. By harnessing the complementary strengths of different technologies, the laboratories aim to improve the energy security and affordability of low carbon energy solutions across the member countries.

The five countries involved are Canada, France, Japan, UK and the US and each country has programmes exploring integrated energy systems unique to their own geographies. By working together and sharing best practice – such as advanced models and data as well as knowledge gained from demonstration projects – the delegation hopes to accelerate the global transition to net zero. This was highlighted at COP27 when the laboratories launched an impact paper at the conference in Egypt setting out key recommendations.

Scott Milne, Integrated Energy Systems Lead at NNL and Chair of the collaboration, said: “The challenge of delivering net zero, maintaining energy security and ensuring affordability is enormous, and there are no quick solutions. An effective strategy requires an integrated approach, deploying multiple technologies, according to the needs and opportunities in each region around the world.”

Dr Fiona Rayment OBE, Chief Science and Technology Officer at NNL, said: “NNL is delighted to be working alongside national and international colleagues from the renewables sector, as well as whole system specialists, to understand how we can all play our part in keeping the lights on, our homes warm, and our industries in business, all while working to eliminate carbon emissions from our energy system.”