National Nuclear Laboratory


Wednesday 5 October 2022

NNL welcomes Nuclear Sector Hub launch

The National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL)’s Chief Information Security Officer, and fellow of The Chartered Institute of Information Security (CIISec) Mark Kendrew, was delighted to launch the Nuclear Sector Hub at the Civil Nuclear Cyber Conference last month.  

With Mark leading the initiative, its aim is to attract new talent to the nuclear sector, develop skills of professionals already in the division, and to encourage knowledge and best practice throughout the industry. It shines a spotlight on the sector and highlights how accessible the industry is to get into.  

Mark said: “I am delighted to be leading this new community hub that will form an integral part of the government’s Civil Nuclear Cyber Strategy. Overcoming the geographic spread of our nuclear workforce to enable sharing of best practice; promote information security careers within our sector; and develop our people against the nationally approved CIISec Skills Framework. I look forward to building a team of equally committed volunteers who will turn our vision into reality.” 

The aim of the Nuclear Sector Hub has been specially formed within CIISec to recognise the specific security challenges and geographic spread faced by those working in the military and civil nuclear sectors. The Hub will also highlight the sheer number of members that work in the sector. CIISec have already developed and grown 14 branches that span throughout the United Kingdom covering Information Security, Policing, Law Enforcement and Academia. 

Amanda Finch, CEO of CIISec, said: “With the ongoing skills shortage there are organisations crying out for talent to train and nurture specialists in this area. It is important to mention to Information Security professionals out there that your skills are transferrable to the nuclear sector, and knowledge about the industry can be built up over time.” 

The hub will promote networking across the sector and encourage knowledge sharing and best practice through a series of events hosted by leading nuclear organisations to address the civil and military security challenges needing to be explored.  

The ongoing projects that CIISec is involved with works to inspire young people to enter the sector by building partnerships with organisations who offer cybersecurity apprenticeships and graduate programmes in the nuclear industry to attract young, fresh talent. 

To learn more about the Nuclear Sector Hub visit: