National Nuclear Laboratory


Thursday 14 October 2021

UK’s national laboratory for nuclear fission partner with Nuclear Transport Solutions to influence global security measures

The National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) is partnering with Nuclear Transport Solutions (NTS) to develop UK security expertise.

Part of the Nuclear Security Partnership (NSyP), the proposed collaborative approach will establish a central hub of excellence, providing technical and strategic advice on issues related to nuclear security to government bodies, industry, non-profit organisations, and academia around the world.

The partnership will enable industry to optimise solutions and address new threat vectors, supporting international efforts on the safekeeping of nuclear and radiological materials, including counter proliferation. NNL has decades of experience managing national infrastructure capable of handling some of the most challenging nuclear material in the world. It is from this demonstrable experience that NNL will provide insight and expertise.

With the future adoption of a greater breadth of advanced nuclear technologies, it is in the national interest to build NNL’s capability to be at the global forefront of advice and best practice in security and non-proliferation. Alongside this, NTS’s practical experience and knowledge of national and international regulations mean it is well placed to offer partners an unrivalled level of operational support to domestic and international threat reduction initiatives.

The collaboration also plans to create a forum for enhanced interaction and direction with global partners, to increase the UK’s influence of international programmes and standards. Supporting efforts to promote and ensure the peaceful use of nuclear technology will be key for global ambitions to meet net zero.

Dr Paul Howarth, Chief Executive Officer at the National Nuclear Laboratory, said: “The NSyP hub will be a great asset, expanding proficiency within UK nuclear security. This best practice approach is imperative, acting as a focal point between industry and government to fast-track preventative security measures.

“Our people at NNL are driving this forward by providing leadership and guidance across the sector worldwide – ensuring the UK remains an international thought leader in this area and helping to facilitate the global deployment of new nuclear technologies.”

Ben Whittard, Security and Resilience Director at Nuclear Transport Solutions, added: “At NTS, we’re committed to making the world safer and more sustainable. In the past few years, we have invested heavily in our outreach activities in nuclear security, sharing the fantastic capability and experience we have.

“This partnership reflects further growth of this commitment, ensuring that we can continue to support others in their efforts on nuclear security and working collaboratively to achieve greater things. I’m looking forward to seeing the partnership grow in the future and really contributing to the international efforts in this important area.”