National Nuclear Laboratory


Monday 14 December 2020

NNL Welcomes Government’s Energy White Paper

The National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) welcomes the Government’s Energy White Paper published today, as part of the pathway towards achieving Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050.  We are particularly pleased about the continuing recognition that nuclear power has a central role to play in the UK’s future energy mix, through the continued use of large-scale nuclear plants alongside the deployment of newer, smaller advanced designs. This central role spans the generation of reliable, low carbon electricity to the creation of cost-effective green hydrogen, synthetic fuels and industrial heat.

NNL also welcomes the positive steps towards progress with Sizewell C and the news that Government is to continue to engage with other developers with interest in the UK new nuclear market, which includes creating an Advanced Nuclear Fund of up to £385 million to support the development of Small Modular Reactors and research and development into more advanced nuclear technologies, such as advanced modular reactors, as these technologies progress towards commercialisation.

NNL Chief Executive Officer, Paul Howarth, commented:

“We are delighted to see the Government’s continued recognition of the vital role nuclear power can play in meeting the UK’s future energy demand and delivering Net Zero by 2050. We look forward to working with Government to understand more about the steps ahead.”

More details of today’s announcements can be found here.