National Nuclear Laboratory


Wednesday 21 November 2018

NNL and UCLAN agree to work together

NNL and University of Central Lancashire have formally agreed to work together on projects in the Nuclear Sector to better understand the public value that they add.

NNL, UCLAN and the Samuel Lindow Foundation have been working together for some time in several different areas, but with particular joint interest in Public Value and its management especially related to the nuclear industry. Public Value is term which is often interpreted as describing an activity which has a perceived public benefit and contributes to the common good.

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Work carried out to date has been looking at Nuclear projects and their impact within NNL communities. Now, as a result of this work progressing,  the formal signing of an MOU sets out the scope and time frame of future projects that both organisations want to collaborate on.

This will involve NNL and UCLAN developing programme that examine the value and impact of Nuclear projects work to stakeholders, customer, local government and sections of the public.

l-r: Professor Paul Howarth, CEO of NNL, Dr. Lynne Livesey  Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) of UCLan and Michael Heaslip, Chair of the Samuel Lindow Foundation

Dr Paul Howarth, CEO of the National Nuclear Laboratory said “The value to the public of science and technology goes way beyond the basic monetary measures of cost and return on investment and impacts so many other areas in the public sphere, and its right that science and technology and particularly nuclear, and its contribution to public value is considered in this way. 

“I’m delighted that we’re working more closely with colleagues at UCLAN and the Samuel Lindow Foundation to better understand the  value that nuclear brings to the public and also to extend this work to achieve a greater appreciation of energy economics as we move forward with nuclear power as a key part of the wider energy mix.”