National Nuclear Laboratory


Friday 23 February 2018

NNL Signs Major Agreement with Sellafield Limited

The National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) is delighted to announce the signing of a new Technical Services Agreement (TSA) with Sellafield Limited.

NNL and Sellafield Ltd have a long and proud history of working together, and the TSA will introduce a significant positive change in the way in which the two organisations work together. One of the most important commercial agreements ever signed by NNL, the TSA  strengthens our shared  history and sets the direction for years to come.

The 2 organisations signed a collaboration agreement in October 2016, and the TSA aligns with this and provides the legal procedures for placing work between the 2 companies.

Chief Executive Officer of NNL, Dr Paul Howarth said:

“We have a strong, multi-faceted and unique relationship with Sellafield Ltd. A large portion of our work has also been associated with Sellafield and the site hosts around half our workforce and our biggest nuclear facilities. This new partnering approach will enable us to work much closer with Sellafield Ltd on new innovative approaches to help tackle the challenges on the site and will enable us to bring in supply chain companies, academia and small to medium enterprises across different technology sectors that may be able to offer innovative solutions.”

Sellafield Ltd Technical Director, Rebecca Weston added:

“This 17 year agreement is about applying a long term view to our work – which will help us work better and nurture the game changing ideas we need to achieve our mission, as well as giving the confidence to invest in the development of skills for the long term. We have many examples of fantastic collaborative work with NNL across our portfolio, although many areas where we don’t. This will help spread that collaborative approach and make it more consistent. It will enable us to make the best use of skills across our two organisations and very importantly proactively develop our supply chain and academic and national laboratory links, being smarter in the way we divide work up and getting the right people together to deliver what we need.”