National Nuclear Laboratory


Thursday 11 January 2018

Record Number of NNL Entries in Annual Anglo-French Competition

Sixteen National Nuclear Laboratory employees are taking part in a competition open to British and French nuclear scientists and leaders of the future.

Spark! Logo.jpg

In the competition, called Spark!, the 16 employees have formed  teams to take on counterparts to answer a question set by a panel of judges that is made up of leading figures from across industry.

Spark! is a paper writing contest for industry colleagues aged 30 years old or younger that studied at a French or British school of higher education. The competition poses a new question each year for teams to answer in a ten page paper and never before have so many people from NNL taken part.

The 2018 question is “The Energy Transition” – What is the role of nuclear technology in a world of growing alternative power and digital innovation?” and all entries have now been submitted.

The aim of Spark! is to foster a Franco-British community of leaders in the energy sector. Since its inaugural year in 2015, Spark! has brought together over 200 young, bright minds through an ever growing network of students, young professionals and industry figureheads. Last year NNL’s Josh Scott and Abby Scanlon were part of the team which came 4th overall. Their team won the ‘Spirit of Spark! Award for the Best Interdisciplinary team.

The 15 successfully shortlisted teams are invited to write their ten page paper and are given the opportunity to attend a two day workshop in Paris where they will receive professional mentoring and advice on paper writing. Winners of the competition are invited to attend the World Nuclear Exhibition 2018 in June to receive their prizes.

For more information or to arrange an interview please call 01925 289484.