National Nuclear Laboratory


Tuesday 13 December 2016

NNL Science Journal: Issue 4 now available to download

NNL Science is a scientific journal which presents a selection of the many and varied peer reviewed scientific articles that NNL has completed either for customers or through our own, self-funded Signature Research programme.

Each edition of NNL Science will highlight a key area. The feature article in the latest edition looks at cementitious encapsulation of radioactive waste. As NNL Science Editor, Mark Sarsfield, points out “Some things seem simple. Mixing radioactive waste with cement seems simply but, as our feature article illustrates, the process is far from it. A clear scientific understanding is required of how each of the chemical components alters the setting process and subsequent strength of the final product.” NNL has the knowledge and experience to deal with these complex challenges. Find out more about the science by downloading your free copy using the link below. 

Issue 4 – Contents

  • Cementitious encapsulation of radioactive waste
  • Bioremediation of below ground uranium contamination
  • Irradiated nuclear fuel composition calculations and estimating their uncertainties
  • Recent development in understanding caesium chemistry at Sellafield
  • Development of a new flowsheet for co-separating the transuranic actinides: the “Euro-GANEX” process
  • Iodine radiation chemistry in nuclear reactor accidents

Click on this link to download Issue 4 of NNL Science