National Nuclear Laboratory


Tuesday 10 May 2016

NNL and University of Liverpool Launch New Professional Skills Programme

The UK’s National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL), in partnership with the University of Liverpool, is pleased to launch a new Professional Development qualification for scientists and engineers working in industry who wish to enhance their technical skills and knowledge.

Beginning in September 2016, the `Advanced Technical Skills’ (ATS) programme covers topics including leadership, technology communications, and technical reputation, and is open to scientists and engineers in any sector – not just nuclear.

The programme is modular and specifically designed to meet the needs of busy participants. It consists of lectures, seminars, interactive tasks and discussions supported by online materials, guided reading and a work-based project.

The modular nature gives participants the opportunity to complete the programme within a nine to 24 month period.

NNL and Liverpool University are committed to a strategic partnership in the areas of nuclear science and engineering, with a focus on research and developing postgraduate and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities.

Professor Eann Patterson, University lead for nuclear science and engineering research, said:

“This programme draws on the University’s and NNL’s high level and unique technical expertise and knowledge in order to develop leadership potential and critical thinking in research scientists and engineers working in research labs or R&D divisions.”

NNL’s Chief Engineer, Richard Taylor, added:

“We have worked hard to develop this programme to help scientists and engineers working in industry to take their careers to the next level, whilst retaining a strong focus on their technical specialism. Our initial work in the nuclear sector demonstrated that the key principles of the programme are not specific to nuclear but can be applied across a wide range of industries, and so we have put this programme together with that in mind.”