National Nuclear Laboratory


Wednesday 28 January 2015

NNL Science – Issue 3 – now available

NNL has published the 3rd Issue of its scientific journal, NNL Science. This edition’s contents list includes:

  • Using chemical and process modelling to design, understand and improve an effluent treatment plan
  • Neptunium extraction in an advanced PUREX process and the EURO-GANEX process
  • Density functional theory calculations of the Actinide (VI) / Actinide (V) redox potentials in water
  • Muon tomography: Characterising legacy nuclear waste using cosmic rays
  • Hydrogen yields from water on the surface of PuO2

Editor, Mark Sarsfield comments:

“This issue contains a strong collaborative theme and highlights the value in scientific partnership between organisations with complementary facilities and capabilities. A particularly good example is illustrated in our feature article where the computer modelling expertise within NNL is combined to build a predictive capability for an industrial plant: the Sellafield Ion Exchange Plant (SIXEP).”

Download a copy by clicking on this link.