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Sunday 27 July 2014

NNL Praised for Customer Support

NNL Praised for Customer Support

For many years, NNL has provided technical support and analysis to Magnox Limited, in relation to graphite samples taken from the reactor cores of the UK’s fleet of first-generation Magnox nuclear reactors. That work has now concluded with the completion of the final campaign for Wylfa – the only reactor in the Magnox fleet which is still operational. We were delighted to receive a letter of thanks recently from Dr Jeremy Noyce of Magnox Limited, thanking NNL for our contribution to the maintenance of graphite safety cases over the years.

The letter stated that:

“The NNL team’s work in support of the Graphite Programme contributed significantly to extensions of generation at both Oldbury and Wylfa, which will have provided about £1 billion of additional income for the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority as well as contributing to security of the electricity supply for the United Kingdom.”

Dr Noyce’s letter adds that Oldbury and Wylfa:

“…will have earned some £14.5 billion over the course of their respective lifetimes and a significant contribution to this successful outcome has been thanks to NNL’s professionalism and dedication in providing support to the Graphite Programme’s Measurement, Safety Case and Research & Development work packages”

NNL’s Director of Waste Management and Decommissioning, Nick Hanigan, commented:

“It is always great to hear thanks from a customer for the work we do. In this instance that thanks also highlights the substantial financial and societal impact of the work we’ve contributed to. The programme of work for Magnox by NNL has been a great team effort and I pass on my own thanks to everyone involved.”