National Nuclear Laboratory


Sunday 25 May 2014

Report highlights importance of nuclear roadmap

NNL has helped author a recently published report which highlights the importance of developing both a clearly defined long-term strategy and a research and development roadmap for nuclear energy in the UK.Considerable effort has been put into opening the way for new nuclear power stations in the UK to replace existing capacity by 2025. However, many energy scenarios indicate that nuclear power may have to play a much greater role by 2050. The report warns that delivering such an expanded fleet is not a matter of simply doing more of the same, but will require a long-term strategic approach focused on ensuring a secure supply of fuel, managing additional waste and maximising opportunities both for the UK supply chain and international collaboration.The Energy Research Partnership led the development of the report, which was produced in close consultation with industry, academia, regulators and other key stakeholders. Funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), the Energy Technologies Institute, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) and the UK National Nuclear Laboratory, it highlights the key issues and analysis that will be needed to inform the strategic decisions on which a research and development roadmap can be based.Dame Sue Ion, a Member of the Energy Research Partnership and who chaired the Steering Group for the report, comments:  ‘The UK has world-class R&D capabilities in key areas across the nuclear fuel cycle, and significant expertise in decommissioning, safety management, regulatory frameworks and advanced manufacturing, so we should be well placed to take early advantage of the growing global market for nuclear power.’It is therefore vital that pathways and opportunities are identified and analysed in detail so that we are in a position to make the appropriate supportive investment to keep options open and maximise the long-term value to UK plc. We need a properly developed comprehensive roadmap that highlights the decisions to be made on a number of key areas and how soon these decisions need to be made to avoid foreclosing options, and we hope that the findings we are publishing today will make a valuable contribution to that process.’For further information and to download a copy of the report, please visit: