National Nuclear Laboratory


Sunday 25 May 2014

Record Breaking Week for Windscale Laboratory

Last week could have been a bad one for Windscale Laboratory: areas of the plant were returning to service following planned upgrade and repair work carried out the previous week. And in addition, a trolley for moving equipment around had failed, adding to the challenges faced by the team.

But instead, Windscale managed to deliver work above and beyond expectations, with five different flask types being handled through the Import/Export routes – a record for the plant.

This included processing and exporting of 3 flask types, importing of 2 others and the processing and decontamination of another – all of which involve significant amounts of skilled work.

Director of Reactor Operations Support, Leigh Wakefield commented:

“To deliver this level of work for customers in a normal week would have been excellent. Given the additional difficulties, means it was truly outstanding. Above all, it shows the commitment and professionalism of the team but also gives a good representation of the flexibility of the plant and its focus on delivering for customers. A huge well done and thank you to everyone involved. It’s this level of service to customers that will ensure NNL has a successful future.”