National Nuclear Laboratory


Sunday 25 May 2014

ReCLAIM v3.0.3 now released

ReCLAIM is an electronic spreadsheet tool developed by the National Nuclear Laboratory through funding from the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (the NDA) that can undertake simple generic and site specific assessments of radioactively contaminated land. It is designed principally for Nuclear Licensed Sites but can be applied more widely. The tool can:

  • calculate doses for predefined exposure pathways and scenarios,
  • calculate soil/water screening levels for individual radionuclides for a specified dose target and for defined scenarios and pathways,
  • take into consideration radionuclide additivity and background radioactivity, and
  • be very flexible: users can modify pathway parameter values, develop custom pathways and scenarios or combine pathways to define site specific scenarios.

The latest version, 3.0.3 can be downloaded by clicking on the link on the right.  

New: Version 3.0.3

  • Default calculations (dmod1 and dmod2) are now much closer to W36 and RCLEA values for the same exposure scenarios and pathways.  

Older versions (change log): 

Version 3.01:

  • improved and ehanced navigation
  • fixes several minor bugs in v3.0
  • documentation updated following peer review

Version 3.0:

  • The number of radionuclides considered in the tool has been increased to 54,
  • The user can specify their thicknesses of clean cover and contaminated soil in addition to the predefined values,
  • Users can easily export information into applications such as MSWordTM and PowerPointTM, export the run into a text file for QA purposes, and export the run into a small XML file that can be re-imported to re-run the tool.