National Nuclear Laboratory


Sunday 25 May 2014

RadBall Technical Development Report

NNL’s RadBall is a novel, passive, radiation detection device which provides a 3D visualisation of radiation from areas where effective measurements have not been previously possible due to lack of access. This is particularly useful in the nuclear industry prior to the decommissioning of facilities where the quantity, location and type of contamination areoften unknown.

Developed by the UK’s National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL), as part of its ongoing programme of investment in new technologies, RadBall has been in progress for several years. Throughout this time, the NNL has worked with key partners to bring the technology to maturity. This collaborative approach has been an important factor in RadBall’s success.

We have written a technical development report which summarises the development route for RadBall and, in particular,summarises the final trials which took place at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), TN, USA, in December 2010.