National Nuclear Laboratory


Sunday 25 May 2014

RadBall – Ready To Go!

NNL’s innovative radiation mapping device is now fully available to the UK market.

RadBall  is a passive, deployable radiation detection device which interacts with radiation to determine the location and strength of a radioactive source.

RadBall has significant advantages over rival technologies: it requires no power source, can be used in normally hard to reach places and in addition, it can be used in highly active areas.

A technology demonstration day was held last week at Sellafield. Participants, including technical managers, design engineers and contract managers, were shown the RadBall device and the scanner used to collect data. In addition, the demonstration showed the output from the software, including the 3D images generated to help determine precisely where sources of radiation are located.

Technology Commercialisation Manager, Sheila Rae, commented:

“We’re very excited about this big step for RadBall. NNL has taken the product all the way from concept, through design, testing and now it is ready for use in the UK market. We have already had significant interest from a number of customers and we expect more interest over the coming months. We also hope to have the product available in the USA market shortly, through a licensing arrangement.”

If you’re interested in finding out more about RadBall and how it can help you, please email