National Nuclear Laboratory


Sunday 25 May 2014

Partnerships and Collaborations

Nexia Solutions (formerly NSTS) has been looking at and learning from the experience of other businesses operating in similar circumstances and environments to develop technical partnerships and collaborations based on common challenges, co-operation and areas of mutual benefit.

  • Central Research Insitute of the Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI)

Nexia Solutions and CRIEPI in Japan have concluded a technical co-operation agreement. The agreement, which is valid for five years, will strenghten exisiting links between the two organisations.

  • Japanese Nuclear Corporation (JNC)

JNC and Nexia Solutions held a meeting at Tokai Japan on the 4th October 2004 to discuss progress on the technical collaboration agreement that is in place between the two organisations.

The collaboration agreement steering commitee reviewed progress made by both organisations in the area of the advanced nuclear fuel cycle.

Mr Tanaka, Director International Cooperation and Nuclear Material Management Division at JNC and Tom Rice, Head of Business Development Nexia Solutions, acknowledged the good progress being made and both sides agreed to continue with the programme of collaboration in the advanced nuclear fuel cycle.