National Nuclear Laboratory


Sunday 25 May 2014

Off-site Test Facility West Cumbria

Nexia Solutions (formerly NSTS) will shortly open a new Off Site Test Rig facility in Workington, which will bring together all non-radioactive test rig work at a single site.

Implementation of new arrangements will replace the five separate locations currently used in and around Sellafield. Heads of Agreement hade already been negotiated to secure a lease on workshops at the CORUS Process Engineering site at Workington to accommodate the facility. The lease on the Workington Havelok site has now been secured. The premises will be available soon to accept customer work and will be named ‘Nexia Solutions Workington’.

In addition, agreement has also been reached with British Nuclear Group, Management Services, Sellafield that this facility will be specified as the site of choice for the construction of the rigs in support of the Legacy Ponds and Silos workstream. Nexia Solutions will of course seek to build the rigs, although this is by no means certain as the work will be subject to competitive tender.

A presentation package is being prepared by Nexia Solutions, in conjunction with NIS Limited, for discussions with senior engineers from Management Services, Sellafield (responsible for the design and engineering of the rigs). NIS have already been awarded the incentivised contract for the management and operation of the new Nexia Solutions Workington workshops.

A series of customer briefings will also take place shortly at the new Technology Centre at Sellafield to discuss services that can be offered at Nexia Solutions Workington. Nexia Solutions is working with NIS to identify future areas for mutual business benefit.