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Sunday 25 May 2014

NNL and NIA Sign MOU Agreement

Two leading organisations within the UK’s nuclear industry, the National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) and the Nuclear Industry Association (NIA), have committed to work collaboratively on activities connected to the promotion of nuclear research & development. The agreement was cemented today by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at the NIA’s flagship Energy Choices conference in London.

The MOU recognises the key and unique roles played by the two organisations and confirms that NIA will regard NNL as a primary source for the provision or validation of objective scientific and technical information retailing to all aspects of the civil nuclear fuel cycle. The MOU also recognises the importance of NNL’s world-leading facilities and the work being done on development and retention of high-level skills, and ensures that these and other topics will be reflected appropriately in the important industry-wide activities and communications of the NIA. Under the MOU NNL also commit to active participation in a number of NIA Working Groups, including those focused on Decommissioning, New Build, External Relations and Nuclear Exports. 

Commenting at today’s signing event, alongside the NIA’s flagship Energy Choices conference in London, NNL Managing Director Professor Paul Howarth said:

“NNL and NIA already work closely together and this agreement serves to strengthen our relationship as we both move forwards. The UK’s nuclear industry is in the spotlight both at home and abroad and, by working closely together, our two organisations can make sure that we present a coherent message to Governments, customers and other stakeholders about the important role played by science, technology and research sector and the tremendous opportunities which this creates.”

Keith Parker, Chief Executive of the Nuclear Industry Association commented,

 “For many years the UK led the world in the development of nuclear power technology. We now have a tremendous opportunity to lead the world once again in the research and development of nuclear power through the National Nuclear Laboratory. NNL is staffed by the brightest and the best, with strong links to industry and academia, and must be supported by funding to develop programmes of work that place the UK at the top table of world wide knowledge development. I hope that this memorandum of understanding will further embed the close relationship between the NIA and NNL as both organisations continue to support our growing industry.”

Notes for editors

  • The UK’s National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) is a company owned by the UK Government.  It operates as a commercial business and currently receives no direct grant funding from Government.
  • NNL has over 10,000 person-years of nuclear industry experience across the whole nuclear fuel cycle. 
  • NNL provides the experts and technologies to ensure the UK nuclear industry operates safely and cost effectively today and for the future.  The company has also provided support and services to the UK and other Governments and to the European Union.
  • NNL has facilities at Sellafield and Workington in Cumbria, Preston in Lancashire, Risley in Cheshire, Stonehouse in Gloucestershire and Harwell in Oxfordshire.
  • The Nuclear Industry Association (NIA) is the trade association and representative voice of Britain’s civil nuclear industry. It represents more than 270 companies including the operators of the nuclear power stations, those engaged in decommissioning, waste management, nuclear liabilities management and all aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle, nuclear equipment suppliers, engineering and construction firms, nuclear research organisations, and legal, financial and consultancy companies.

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