National Nuclear Laboratory


Sunday 25 May 2014

NDX Solutions Limited established and operational

NNL announced in September the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Pursuit Dynamics (PDX) and the National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) to establish a joint venture company. Over the past few months significant effort has been put into building business links between the two organisations, developing a market strategy and agreeing the legal documentation to establish the joint venture. We are pleased to announce that NDX Solutions Ltd is now established and operational with first orders anticipated in the next few days. 

The company is owned by PDX (60%) and NNL (40%). A company management meeting is already well established to drive the business to realise early contracts and develop the brand, positioning and global marketing strategy. Any branding will build on the strength and brand of the two parent companies.

Attached are the two core products (click on the link on the right to download the pdf) of the company, targeted at multiple applications in the nuclear industry. The intention is to develop new products and services arising from the interaction between PDX and NNL for the benefit of clients across the nuclear industry. 

Jeremy Edwards commented:

“The establishment of this Joint Venture represents a tremendous success for NNL and highlights the value of our Signature Research Programmes – which have supported early technology demonstrations and development of the market interest and opportunities. The simplicity, coupled with the step-change in capability that the technology offers, has generated significant interest across our customer-base. This is a truly exciting opportunity for the NNL to be at the forefront of transferring a technology that hits so strongly at hazard reduction, legacy management, liability reduction, operational improvement into the nuclear sector.” 

Mark Sharpe commented:

“Establishing NDX Solutions is a significant step for NNL. The company combines the technical expertise of both organisations whilst giving NNL immediate access to exceptional products within PDX for deployment across the nuclear industry. There is huge potential to improve the efficiency of radioactive decontamination and nuclear materials processing to the benefit of UK clients and establish the company as a global nuclear solutions provider.  We look forward to building on the excellent relationship so far developed with PDX and delivering early sales and a robust business plan for wider expansion.”