National Nuclear Laboratory


Sunday 25 May 2014

National Tracking System – Highly Commended

Nexia Solutions “National Tracking System for the Assurance Monitoring of Nuclear Movements” has been highly commended at the recent Association for Geographic Information (AGI) Annual Awards. The system was up against tough competition such as HSE Laboratory in the “Innovation and Best Practice (Central Government)” category.This commendation recognises the national value of a project, started in 2002, to provide an overarching system capable of centrally tracking the movement of nuclear materials around the UK. The system was successfully implemented last year and is now securely and accurately providing real time data. It is an excellent example of Nexia Solutions – foundation of the National Nuclear Laboratory – aspiring to national innovation successes in the nuclear sector. In addition to this real time data, the system improves compliance, reduce costs, improve industry resilience to regulatory change and incidents and provide greater overall confidence that assurance stadards are being systematically achieved and is ultimately ‘evidence-based’ Technical Lead and Project Manager Norman Bird commented “I’m delighted that the system has been recognised by such a prestigious body as the AGI but the real satisfaction comes from having completed the project and that it is delivering what it set out to do.”