National Nuclear Laboratory


Sunday 25 May 2014

Maintaining Standards with the Royal Society of Chemistry

NNL Senior Research Technologist, Simon Woodbury has recently taken part in the pilot of a new initiative to maintain higher standards introduced by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC).

The RSC’s Chartered Chemist (CChem) designation is the recognised and accepted mark of professional competence for chemists. All NNL chemists are encouraged to work towards becoming Chartered from the day they enter the company.

The standard recognises practising, experienced chemists who demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of chemistry, significant personal achievements, professionalism in the workplace and a commitment to maintaining their expertise through continuing professional develop. It provides our customers with confidence that they are receiving services from highly competent and qualified individuals.

The new revalidation process being introduced next year by RSC aims to ensure Chartered Chemists sustain an awareness of developments in their field. From NNL’s point of view, it also provides further reassurances to customers as to the professionalism of our people.

Simon was asked to take part in a pilot run of the revalidation process. He found it to be a valuable process, commenting:

“I found the revalidation process fairly straightforward. It’s important as it demonstrates that Chartered Chemists are still practising professionals, maintaining and developing their interests in the chemical sciences.”

The full article can be downloaded as a pdf using the link on the right.

Article republished with kind permission of the Royal Society of Chemistry.