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Sunday 25 May 2014

Launch of Nexia Solutions Limited

st April 2005

Nexia Solutions Limited – Nuclear Technology Business Launched

BNFL, International nuclear energy business today launches a new subsidiary company – Nexia Solutions Limited.

Nexia Solutions is a business focused on delivering nuclear technology services and solutions for customers in the restructured nuclear industry.

In addition, Nexia Solutions will respond to Government requirements to maintain and build relevant skills required by the industry – Nexia Solutions will therefore take the lead in supporting and protecting the national nuclear technology capability.

Direction and focus for the new company is encapsulated in its strategic objective:

To build a sustainable business, which will incorporate key UK nuclear skills and facilities. The business will provide a core offering of technology services and solutions across the nuclear fuel cycle – primarily based in the UK but with an increasing overseas market

With its name assembled for the supporting strapline ‘Nuclear Expertise  Intelligently Applied’, Nexia Solutions will provide services based on a unique combination of people and world class facilities leased from the newly established Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA).

Nexia Solutions will apply skills intelligently for the benefit of customers. This means tailored technology with sufficient innovation delivered to do the job at least cost.

Managing Director Dr Peter Bleasdale said: We are entering a new and exciting era and the launch of Nexia Solutions and its new brand will reinforce our determination to build a business that delivers what customers want.

Our core purpose is to help and support customers to improve their business by understanding their needs and delivering the right solution at the right cost.


For further information, please contact:

  • Peter O’Brien, Nexia Solutions Communications 01925 832074 07801 856257 (mobile) E-mail: peter.o’brien@nexia
  • Gareth Thomas, Nexia Solutions Communications 01925 832319 07740 819728 (mobile) E-mail: gareth.x.thomas@nexia

Notes to Editors

Background information

Nexia Solutions Limited is a new wholly owned subsidiary of British Nuclear Fuels plc (BNFL).

The business was previously called Nuclear Sciences and Technology Services (NSTS) and operated as a business group of BNFL.

The launch of the company and its new identity signals the start of a new commercial era and a redefined focus on delivering innovative technical solutions for customers at least cost.

The business specialises in providing customers with tailored solutions by applying the right level of technical innovation and intellectual support.

Nexia Solutions will continue to provide a core offering of technology services and solutions across the full nuclear fuel cycle primarily in the UK but with an increasing overseas market.

Main UK customers for Nexia Solutions services include the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), British Nuclear Group, Westinghouse and British Energy.

Nexia Solutions is a business focused on delivering technology services and solutions in four main areas:

  1. Operating Plants – Maintaining licence to operate and improving plant performance
  2. Decommissioning and Clean up – Supporting cost reduction and programme acceleration
  3. UK Nuclear Strategy – Assisting UK nuclear policy development and implementation
  4. Laboratory Management – Managing multifaceted laboratory facilities on several sites
  5. Maintaining licence to operate and improving plant performanceSupporting cost reduction and programme accelerationAssisting UK nuclear policy development and implementationManaging multifaceted laboratory facilities on several sites
  • Nexia Solutions’ 1000-strong people resource comprises 60 technical capabilities in total, with 29 unique to the UK.
  • Nexia Solutions operates some of the most advanced and unique technology facilities in the world. These include the only facilities in the UK capable of carrying out research and development on highly active nuclear material and large scale uranium work.
  • Nexia Solutions has brought together all non-radioactive test rig work at a single site.

The launch of Nexia Solutions Limited complements the establishment of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA). The NDA is the Government body responsible for the overall management and direction of clean up operations at UK nuclear sites.

The NDA, created under the Energy Act 2004, is responsible for overseeing the decommissioning and clean up of the UK’s civil nuclear legacy. This programme of work is expected to take more than 100 years.

The NDA owns all the UK nuclear sites and associated liabilities and while they will not be carrying out the actual decommissioning work themselves, the NDA will work in partnership with the regulators and a range of contractors to effectively manage the programme. It will place contracts with site licensees, who will be responsible for the clean-up programme at each site.Nexia Solutions will provide technology services to support the operation of the NDA, site licensees and other customers. The NDA defines its role as being to define best practice in this new industry, and develop a world-class centre of expertise that can deliver the very best solutions for local communities, the taxpayer and for the environment.