National Nuclear Laboratory


Sunday 25 May 2014

Fabulous Foam Cleans Up

Around 20 customers from Sellafield Ltd, Studsvik and other organisations visited the Workington Technology Centre yesterday to view Nexia Solutions new and innovative foam generator in action.

The foaming system, capable of carrying acidic decontamination reagents has been developed in conjunction with a specially designed foam generator. The system achieves significant effluent volume reduction (up to two orders of magnitude).

Active trials confirm decontamination efficiency of up to 95% reduction in Beta Gamma radiation on test pieces from Sellafield. Encapsulation trials demonstrate compliance of a solid wasteform for disposal to both Low Level Waste Repository and the Miscellaneous Beta Gamma Waste Store.

Commercial Director Phil Robson commented:

“Significantly reducing the volume of effluent for disposal obviously has a direct impact on minimising costs”

 Other benefits of the system include:

  • low pressure, air-powered and simple engineering facilitate low-risk, simple deployment on active plant
  • A fully mobile system provides a significantly wider range of deployment opportunities than current baseline technology

The foam system also demonstrates a considerable capacity for removing particulates and residual liquors from within plant vessels and pipes.