National Nuclear Laboratory


Sunday 25 May 2014

BNFL Alfa and Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Team Review

Extensive restructuring within the nuclear industry in 2005 will see Nexia Solutions (formerly NSTS) providing technology support to the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority(NDA) and other customers. As preparations continue for the new NDA led environment, it is very important that Nexia Solutions takes advantage of opportunities to increase business development, competence and experience that will enable the organisation to maximise future performance.

At the end of September 2004, representatives from the Nexia Solutions management team, led by Head of Commercial Steve Darwen, again met with NDA Team customers and BNFL ALFA to review contract performance up to the end of Period Five of financial year 2004/05. BNFL ALFA is the organisation that is acting as an ‘internal’ customer to help the BNFL Business Groups prepare for the operation of the NDA.

These formal reviews are being held after each financial period to ensure that Nexia Solutions contractual delivery to the NDA is monitored and challenged. These reviews are important in building the confidence of the NDA Team in the ability of Nexia Solutions to respond to new market requirements.

The Period Five Nexia Solutions contract report reflected:

  • An excellent performance in all aspects of Environment, Health, Safety and Quality (EHS&Q). Positive performance in EHS&Q is a baseline expectation for NDA.
  • There was also positive news to report on the NDA Direct Technical Portfolio of work, which is growing in overall value and approaching the capped limit. Delivery performance is continuously improving period by period with regards to both schedule and cost.
  • All contractual deliverables under Performance Based Incentives (PBIs) and Earned Value Metrics for project delivery are on target to deliver fee at the competent level – as a minimum.
  • Further development of the contract model for the second half of the year was discussed with milestone stages agreed that will furhter improve the detailed reporting requirements against NDA procedures currently being introduced.
  • Contract developments will also reflect the new pricing model that will facilitiate greater transparency of facilities costs and truly reflect the competitive nature of people related tariff rates.