University Links

NNL plays a key role in bringing academic research and industry together. Working closely with academia for many years, we've set up a number of University Research Alliances, including:

Professor Simon Biggs at Leeds University is a key partner on related research programmes, specialising in Sludges and Particulates.

Professor Robin Grimes leads nuclear research at Imperial College, also acting as the EPSRC Network Champion.

Professor Jon Lloyd, Visiting Senior Fellow, spends part of his time mentoring at NNL and contributing to joint research.

Professor Tim Abram, Visiting Senior Fellow, is a former NNL employee and now heads up the Centre of Nuclear Energy Technology, launched early 2011.

Professor Francis Livens, Research Director at the Dalton Institute is a CORWM committee member and set up the first doctoral training centre for nuclear-related subjects.

Professor Simon Pimblott, Director of the Dalton Cumbria Facility, works closely with us on radiation science.

University Links