UK Governance Board

Membership of the UK JHR Governance Board is based on the following principles:

  • 2 representatives from 'Government'

  • 2 representatives from 'Industry'

  • 2 representatives from 'Academia'

  • 2 representatives from 'National Labs'

  • 1 ex officio representative from NIRO (Nuclear Innovation Research Office)

One representative from ONR (Office for Nuclear Regulation) shall also be invited to attend UK JHR Governance Board meetings as an observer, to allow ONR to maintain contact with UK planned research programmes and provide advice from a regulatory perspective as appropriate.

UK Governance Board.jpg

Other points to note:


  • The Chair and Secretary will be representatives from NNL, but with only 1 vote between them

  • No more than one voting representative from any organisation

  • Representatives will be selected by an open process from within each broad category headings of Government, Industry, Academia and National Labs

  • Representatives will serve for two years and then be subject to re-nomination

Current UK Governance Board members are as follows (November 2016):

Chairman: Andrew Sherry (NNL)


  • Rob Arnold (BEIS)
  • 2nd rep TBA


  • Rob Griffiths (EDF Energy)

  • Ted Darby (Rolls-Royce)


  • Michael Preuss (University of Manchester)

  • Mark Wenman (Imperial College)

National Labs

  • David Farrant (NNL) - Secretary

  • Chris Waldon (CCFE)


  • Gordon Bryan