On 12th March 2013 the UK Government announced a significant funding commitment to the construction phase of the JHR. This commitment will allow UK-based academics, national laboratories and the nuclear industry guaranteed access to the reactor, and enable collaboration on safety and innovation.

Once JHR is operational, the UK will need to fund any experimental programmes it wishes to run, or be involved with, in JHR. The cost of running an experiment will be determined on the basis of its demands on reactor time and resources, location in the core, complexity of operation, impacts on other experimental capacity etc.

The operation and funding of the experimental programmes in JHR will be based around Access Rights, which are assigned to members in proportion to the financial commitment made during the construction phase (ie the initial contribution already provided by the UK Government). NNL will establish and manage a UK Group who have a shared interest in benefiting from some or all of the UK Access Rights during the operation phase of the JHR Project.

NNL will manage the UK Access Rights to ensure that all members of the UK Group are made aware in good time of the experimental programmes planned to be run in the JHR during any given year of its operation, and that all members of the UK Group have an equal opportunity to propose their own experiments for inclusion within a future JHR programme.