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Science & Technology

At NNL, science and technology is the very foundation of everything we do and it goes far beyond our own business. NNL is built on years and years of innovation. We've made countless scientific breakthroughs and our people have developed some truly invaluable, ingenious technology over the years.  Our work in science and technology spans the entire fuel cycle, helping to shape the UK nuclear industry of today and tomorrow.

Our teams work across a wide range of high profile, industry-changing projects, all using world-class facilities and equipment.  Our work in R&D meanwhile, is both national and international.  In fact, we've been helping to educate the energy industry for years.

We don't just share our knowledge and act as a trusted advisor to the British Government. We also develop strong, mutually beneficial partnerships with academic institutions and their students.  It's all to get the best possible understanding of the sciences and technologies we use. Then share them and apply them with our customers.

To find out more about some of our projects, R&D work, university links and Position Papers, take a look at the areas in this section.