Our Facilities

Here at NNL, we're committed to producing better, cheaper and faster technology to support our colleagues across the nuclear industry.

We have everything in place to help shape the UK's nuclear future, including some truly world-class facilities. Our all-round capability means we provide technology services across the entire nuclear fuel cycle. Meaning our facilities can deliver everything from fuel manufacturing and power generation, to treatment of used fuel and decommissioning.

Quite simply, our range of facilities and laboratories is second to none. Just take our Central Laboratory at Sellafield - the most modern nuclear technology research facility in the world. It's just one of the world-class research sites we work from.

You'll find us at various different locations around the UK. Where we also provide nuclear science and engineering education, act as advisor to Government and collaborate on an international scale with a wide range of leading universities.

Add a robust portfolio of nuclear science and technology programmes and NNL is perfectly placed to provide you with the all-round technical capacity and flexibility you need. Now and into the future.

To find out more about our facilities, click on one of our location links or download our Facilities Overview PDF.

Central Laboratory

The Central Laboratory is at the core of NNL. When fully commissioned, the Laboratory has world-class potential to make a very significant contribution to global nuclear research and development.