Remnant Waste Solutions

Our Remnant Waste Solutions team provides a core chemistry capability for the treatment of complex liquors with varying solids content. Everything the team does is geared to providing robust, innovative solutions to treat complex liquor streams. All made possible by our in-depth knowledge and network of contacts across the nuclear industry and the academic world.

We have particular expertise in the behaviour of nitric acid-based Highly Active Liquor (HAL), a complex mixture encompassing most elements in the Periodic Table. We provide day-to-day chemistry support to help maintain continued operation of Sellafield High Level Waste Plant facilities. Plus, we help to plan and develop strategy for longer-term programmes of work.

Our Service

We have a number of key capabilities in remnant waste:

  • Development and provision of (inactive) simulants representative of complex HAL
  • Completion of programmes of laboratory and rig hall-based experimental work to underpin plant operations and related safety case documentation. Examples include reduced pressure evaporation rig operation and crystallisation/dissolution point measurement
  • Development of complex spreadsheet tools to support ongoing plant operations and provide information regarding current and historic liquor inventories
  • Strategic support and flow-sheet development regarding challenges such as treatment of modified waste streams and preparation for future clean out and decommissioning of active plant
  • Analysis and interpretation of liquor properties such as yield stress, particle size, solids settling and elemental analysis

We've developed these services in support of Sellafield High Level Waste Plants. But they can just as easily be applied to other nuclear processes and outside of the nuclear industry. We also have strong links to the corrosion, nuclear physics, encapsulation and modelling/simulation expertise within NNL - key to us providing the best quality solutions to our customers.

Remnant Waste Solutions