Corrosion Performance and Assessment

NNL has more than 80 years' combined experience supporting operating plants on the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing site. Our Waste Behaviour and Materials team is made up of corrosion experts using state-of-the-art facilities, equipment and methods. All to solve emerging materials degradation problems.

Corrosion performance is key to the viability of major industrial projects. In fact, when it comes to civil nuclear programmes, it has a major impact on:

  • Reactor safety and longevity
  • Remnant lifetimes of operating plants handling spent nuclear fuel
  • Timescales for the treatment, storage and disposal of spent nuclear fuel
  • Decommissioning of nuclear plants

Our Service

The team's primary role is to develop the mechanistic understanding of degradation processes, primarily corrosion. This allows targeted plant inspections and aids plant and waste remnant life prediction. 

Our corrosion experts provide a wide range of different assessment, research and development services:

  • Plant and waste-form lifetime prediction, via methods such as environmental monitoring of corrosion coupons and interpretation of inspection data alongside plant operating conditions
  • Laboratory and rig-hall experimental testing using standard tests and bespoke NNL methods
  • Materials selection through theoretical corrosion assessment, complimented by experimental trials as appropriate
  • Quantification of the likely radiation effects on material performance and operational lifetime
  • Development of corrosion mitigation strategies and bespoke corrosion sensors

The team also offer advice and testing to support plant troubleshooting, regulations, safety-case input and liaison with bodies such as Universities and consultants. They even carry out materials characterisation work to compliment their corrosion performance and assessment expertise.

On top of all this, we often provide corrosion performance services and assessment. Thanks to close links with other NNL teams, our expertise stretches to engineering modelling and simulation, plant inspection and statistics.